Safety Protocols


caregiving staff wearing a maskAs we continue to manage these challenging times of Coronavirus, it has become even more important to keep our seniors at home where they are the safest.  More than 70% of hospital patients are now discharged home instead of going directly to rehabilitation or skilled nursing center to recover.  Families are not allowed visitation while their loved one is treated in a hospital or in rehab.  Isolation from family support and in-person visits has created unnecessary anxiety, depression and disorientation, especially for seniors, during a most critical time when positive support is needed.  

Covid-19 is aggressive with adults over the age of 65, thereby leaving our seniors more vulnerable and at higher risk.  Protecting our clients and employees from exposure to this virus and any other easily transmittable disease is paramount.   

Lifeline follows guidelines developed by the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) as it relates to Covid-19 protection plus follows Universal Precautions standards when working with or alongside of clients who may have a condition that is considered a contagion.   

Our employees are trained and instructed in Covid-19 precautions that include: face coverings, disposable gloves, distancing when possible, regular disinfecting household cleaning, monitoring temperature prior to entering the home and immediately reporting any slight cough, cold or fever to Lifeline prior to beginning their shift.  Any vacation request must be pre-approved by their supervisor.  Additionally, we have asked our clients and/or families to limit any visitors who might not be following CDC guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing.   Visitors should be encouraged to keep visitation short and meet outside whenever possible.

Companionship to Seniors

Each client’s needs are unique and matching our clients with a kind and compassionate caregiver that has experience with their particular condition such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Hip Replacement, etc. is a priority.

Online Testimonials

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