Assessing Your Needs

The process begins during our first telephone call when we schedule a free in-home assessment. Our in-home assessment can be scheduled within 24 hours from our initial phone call and generally lasts about one hour.

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In-Home Assessment

When we meet in person, we will review the home for safety hazards, get to know you and your family’s concerns and objectives and discuss a Care Plan.  The Care Plan is a comprehensive overview of client’s health history, challenges he or she may be facing, schedules that need to be maintained, activities that may be encouraged, household responsibilities and emergency contact information.

Basic Home Safety Review – Fall Prevention Ambulation Level, Independent, Walker, Cane, Shadowing
General Health, Chronic Conditions, Rehabilitation Personal Assistance – Bathing, Grooming, Dressing, Toileting
Nutritional Need, Dietary Preferences Interest, Hobbies, Community and Family Activities


The Care Plan

We will review our visit and create a Care Plan based on the information we received at the assessment.  The Care Plan to include the days and hours needed, the level of skill required for the care (such as advanced skill and experience with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or Parkinson’s Disease), activities of daily living assistance, socialization, and household chores.


Beginning the Assignment

The the first day of your assignment, our caregiver will review the Care Plan, become familiar with the home setting and spend quality time getting to know you and your loved one. Your caregiver will have available a notebook that includes Emergency instructions, Daily Logs and any Special Instructions provided by client and or family member(s).

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Companionship to Seniors

There is a pacing to aging that may include more difficulty with multitasking, physical changes in gait, posture, muscle strength, reaction time, reduced abstract reasoning, and mild to severe memory loss. Having a qualified care professional in the home can assess and communicate to family changes that may need to be addressed.

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